Mail to FileMaker Importer

Mail to FileMaker Importer is an AppleScript-based application that can be used to automatically import email data from Mac OS X Mail, Microsoft Entourage, or Microsoft Outlook into a FileMaker Pro database. Within the application’s interface, users can easily configure the database and fields to be used for importing.
Mail to FileMaker Importer can be configured to import the selected messages in the current mailbox, or all messages in a specified mailbox. If specified, messages will be filed into a destination mailbox after they have been imported.Mail to FileMaker also includes the ability to export an import configuration as an email rule script, which may then be configured to be automatically executed by Mail, Entourage, or Outlook when new email messages matching specified criteria are received.A sample "FileMaker Pro" database is supplied with the solution for users that do not have a custom database available. Extensive documentation is also provided.What Users Are Saying

Here are some comments from "Mail to FileMaker Importer" users:

"I love this thing... been waiting for one on the mac side... very nicely done..."

"Keep up the good work. This program" would be "excellent at four times the price."

"The interface is easy, looks smooth, works quickly, makes archiving a joy and a no-brainer. Keep it up!"


Mail to FileMaker Importer 1 Users: Mail to FileMaker Importer 2 is a paid upgrade. To upgrade to version 2, please purchase a new license via our eStore

Mail to FileMaker Importer 2 Users: Owners of Mail to FileMaker Importer 2 may upgrade to the current version of Mail to FileMaker Importer at no additional cost by re-downloading the solution using the original download link provided in your eSellerate order receipt. If you are unable to locate your download link, or it is not working, please contact us to reqest an updated download link. Please be sure to include your order number with your request.

Software Requirements*

  • Mac OS X 10.3.x - 10.11.x
  • FileMaker Pro 5.5 - 14.x

For Mac OS X Mail Users:

  • Mac OS X Mail
For Microsoft Entourage Users:

  • Microsoft Entourage X - 2008

For Microsoft Outlook Users:

  • Microsoft Outlook 2011

* Due to application changes, some features may be limited when used with Mac OS X 10.3.x, FileMaker Pro 6.x, or Entourage X.

Works with FileMaker Pro 12!
Now with Outlook Support!
(Version 2.2.6)

Main Importer Window

DB Config Window Tab 1

DB Config Window Tab 2

DB Config Window Tab 3

Preferences Window

Example Database