High Sierra problems

High Sierra problems

Postby Automated Workflows, LLC » 11.27.17 10:06 am

Mail to FileMaker Importer will not run properly in macOS 10.13 and higher. Unfortunately, it looks like it will take a major rewrite to get full functionality again.

The application was written in a development environment which was discontinued by Apple. While I would like to keep all users happy, it is hard to justify the time for a complete rewrite. I'm currently looking at a way to get the core functionality working without an interface.

In the meantime, I recommend not upgrading. Some users have decided to run M2FMI on an older, dedicated Mac with mail forwarded from their existing account. This scenario works quite well for many.

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Re: High Sierra problems

Postby apender » 10.14.18 8:18 pm

Hi, any plans on upgrading this product?
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