Encoding Issue

Encoding Issue

Postby sharon_huston » 03.07.16 5:46 pm

I'm using the following actions in sequence on an HTML file with Arabic characters.

- Read text file (as UTF-8)
- Find and Replace Text
- Write Text to File

Since the file includes Arabic characters, it's important that the file keep that encoding throughout the process, but for some reason it isn't saving as UTF-8 even though I'm reading as UFT-8 initially. Is there any way to force the output to UTF-8?

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Re: Encoding Issue

Postby rrobertson » 03.08.16 8:57 am


You've discovered a problem with the Write Text to File action. Please contact me at support (at) automatedworkflows.com so we can resolve the issue.

It would help if you can send me your sample workflow so we can determine the best approach. Please also let me know your Mac OS version.


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