Removing line breaks and paragraphs.

Removing line breaks and paragraphs.

Postby Geordie » 10.25.14 11:11 am

Hello and thank you for reading.
I have to copy and paste text to a database yet the field in which I'm going to paste cannot accept line breaks tabs or pargraph ends, which are present on the original text.
I tought to create a workflow that replaces these codes with ", " (e.g. using text find and repace), but i don't know how to input the codes in the 'find' field.
Any of you can help me???
thanks in advance!
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Re: Removing line breaks and paragraphs.

Postby rrobertson » 11.02.15 2:40 pm


My apologies for the delay in response.

Click on the Find and Replace in Text action in Automator, and then look at the bottom left of the main window. There's a "Note" in the action description which I believe will answer your question:

"Use /r for a return character, and /t for a tab character. To ignore instances of /r and /t strings, use //r and //t."

If that doesn't work for you, please let me know.

Ray Robertson
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