Actions Don't Appear in Automator after Snow Leopard Upgrade

Actions Don't Appear in Automator after Snow Leopard Upgrade

Postby Automated Workflows, LLC » 09.14.09 10:07 am

We've noticed that, on occasion, Automator in Snow Leopard doesn't find and display third-party actions. To resolve the problem, please try the following steps:

* Quit Automator.
* Quit any running Automator action pack application(s).
* Go to the ~/Library/Caches folder in your home folder, and move any "" files. There may be more than one, and they could be named slightly different, i.e. "" Sometimes, these cache files get "stuck", and won't allow Automator to see new actions.
* Make sure you've downloaded the current version of our action pack(s).
* Make sure any action pack(s) is/are installed into your Applications folder, so Automator can find it/them.
* Launch the action pack(s) - This is necessary to register the actions with Automator.
* Quit the action pack(s).
* Launch Automator.

Hopefully, this will resolve the problem. If it does not, please try repairing the disk permissions on your machine, restarting your machine, and performing the steps above again. To repair disk permissions, launch Disk Utility, found in /Applications/Utilities. Next, select your hard drive name and click "Repair Disk Permissions." Please note that this process may take several minutes.

We have reported this issue to Apple, and hopefully, there will be an improvement in future releases of Automator.
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