I registered, but the actions are still in demo mode

I registered, but the actions are still in demo mode

Postby Automated Workflows, LLC » 11.14.08 3:07 pm

First, please ensure that you've re-launched Automator after registering the actions.

Second, it's possible that Automator may be loading the incorrect versions of actions. This can occur if you've got multiple copies of the actions installed on your machine, as Automator doesn't differentiate between action versions.

To resolve the problem, please try the following steps:

* Check for and remove any of the actions in question from the "Library/Automator" and "Users/YourUserName/Library/Automator" folders on your machine

* Remove the Automator action pack application in question from your machine.

* Download a fresh copy of the action pack in question from our website at...


* Once downloaded, open the disk image and copy the action pack application to your hard drive

* Launch the action pack application that you copied to your hard drive

* Enter the serial number, if prompted

* Re-launch Automator

That should be it.

Also, please note that our Ultimate Productivity Automator Action Pack contains a complete set of all of our actions. If you've installed the demo of this action pack, and are experiencing a conflict with another action pack, then you should remove the Ultimate Productivity Automator Action Pack too. Otherwise, Automator may try to load the actions from there, rather than from within the action pack you've registered.
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