Why won't my solution launch?

Why won't my solution launch?

Postby Automated Workflows, LLC » 06.01.07 10:35 am

Please refer to the following instructions if you have downloaded one of our Mac OS X solutions, and it will not launch.

1) Make sure that the version of Stuffit you used to decompress the solution is Mac OS X compatible, and is not running in Classic.

2) If you are using Stuffit version 8, make sure that you have installed the 8.01 and higher updaters. There was a problem with Stuffit 8.0, which caused decompressed files to become non-executable. Stuffit updates can be found on the Aladdin web site at: http://www.stuffit.com/mac/deluxe/updates.html

3) Every so often, someone can't get a solution to work after decompressing it with Stuffit, regardless of the version. If this occurs, please contact us, and we will send you a ".zip" archive of the solution instead.
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Re: Why won't my solution launch?

Postby mucio » 02.21.14 2:52 pm

Thanks for the solution it absolutely worked! :)
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Re: Why won't my solution launch?

Postby sophia.penmypaper » 12.12.17 6:01 am

thank you for specifying this information..your solution is well worked.
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