X-Ray Magazine Scripting Quark Article > ScriptMaster XT… Jump Starting Your AppleScript Development in QuarkXPress

Vol. 3, Num. 3 - ScriptMaster XT... Jump Starting Your AppleScript Development in QuarkXPress.

When preparing to implement AppleScript automation into a workflow, one of the most difficult tasks in getting started is learning the AppleScript terminology that is specific to the applications you want to automate. Since every scriptable application uses different AppleScript terminology, there is always some degree of a learning curve that must be overcome when scripting a new application, even for experienced scripters. As you become more familiar with an application’s AppleScript terminology, this process will get easier; however, it’s getting started that is the hard part. [Read more at X-Ray Magazine online...]

X-Ray Magazine Scripting Quark Article > Getting to Know QuarkXPress’ AppleScript Terminology

Vol. 3, Num. 2 - Getting to Know QuarkXPress' AppleScript Terminology.

For both beginning and experienced scripters, implementing AppleScript automation intoa workflow frequently brings with it a learning curve. This is because every scriptable application extends the base AppleScript language with its own set of unique terminology. If you are attempting to script an application that you have not automated before, then you will first need to familiarize yourself with that application’s AppleScript terminology. As you begin to script the application, you will also become more comfortable in doing so. Before long, scripting the application will become second nature. Automating QuarkXPress with AppleScript is no different. [Read more at X-Ray Magazine online...]

X-Ray Magazine Scripting Quark Article > Introducing AppleScript

Vol. 3, Num. 1 - Introducing AppleScript.

Welcome to the first article of a regular column designed to help you to streamline your Quark-based workflow using Apple® Computer’s AppleScript technology. This first article will provide an introduction to AppleScript, and will discuss how it can interface with QuarkXPress, allowing you to become more efficient. Future articles will explain specific aspects of scripting QuarkXPress, as well as other popular applications, showing how this amazing technology can be used to make your life easier. [Read more at X-Ray Magazine online...]