Mac Productivity: Quick Scripts & Workflows – Sharing File & Folder Paths

 If you work in an office, the odds are good that you have shared locations for files and folders.  Your office might have a Projects share, for example, where you keep project folders and related files.

Suppose you need to direct your buddy John to a specific file in one of these project folders?  What’s the easiest way to do it?

Well, you could type out directions to the file, such as Company Projects > Active Projects > 2012 > March > Some Project > Some Folder > Some Other Folder > Some File.  Of course, this takes time.  A few seconds here and there doesn’t sound like a lot, but it all adds up.  There’s also a lot of back and forth, looking at the file and going back through its parent folders, trying to figure out its exact path.  It’s easy to make a mistake, typing a folder name incorrectly, making it difficult for John to follow your roadmap and find the file in question.  Maybe you could open up the folder in list view, expand the folders down to the file, take a screenshot, and email it to John?  What a hassle.  There has to be an easier way.

There is.  A simple Automator workflow can do the work for you, copying the paths of selected files and folders to the clipboard, so you can quickly and easily send them to John.  Here’s how you do it... [Read more on the Peachpit blog...]

Mac Productivity: Quick Scripts and Workflows – Archiving Selected Mail Messages

Keeping up with email often seems like a losing battle. One thing that can help is reducing the number of messages in your inbox. Filing messages into individual mailboxes can be time consuming and inefficient. While dumping them all into a single mailbox may seem like a way to create a big mess, Mail’s search capabilities actually make it quite easy to locate specific messages.

Taking a lesson from Gmail’s All Mail feature, Mail in Lion includes a new option for archiving messages. Just select a message, choose Message > Archive from the menu bar, and the message is moved into an Archive mailbox, which Mail will create if it doesn’t exist. This feature gives Mail users a quick and easy way to file messages, getting them out of that bloated inbox.

I’d love to use Mail’s built-in Archive feature. However, it only archives to the mail server (for IMAP accounts, anyway, which is what I have). I keep my email archive locally. So, I used a combination of AppleScript and Automator to create my own Archive feature. Here’s how... [Read more on the Peachpit blog...]

Peachpit Blog Post > iPhone Productivity App Picks: RemoteTap

02.26.10 - iPhone Productivity App Picks: RemoteTap.

There are now a number of apps available for the iPhone that allow you to remotely access your Mac. My favorite of these is RemoteTap, for its ease of use, great set of features, and developer responsiveness. [Read more on]

Peachpit Blog Post > iPhone Productivity App Picks: Pastebot

02.25.10 - iPhone Productivity App Picks: Pastebot.

Text clippings are an important part of my daily iPhone workflow, allowing me to quickly provide detailed common responses to emails while on the go, maintain multiple email signatures, keep track of important phone call notes, and more. Recently, I discovered Pastebot, a handy iPhone clipboard manager that has made a tremendous difference in my iPhone clipping workflow. [Read more on]

Peachpit Blog Post > iPhone Productivity App Picks: 2Do

02.24.10 - iPhone Productivity App Picks: 2Do.

For some time now, I've been searching for a ToDo manager that fit my unique workflow. The key requirements were that I wanted something simple, which allowed me to manage multiple categories of ToDos, and could be integrated with iCal, Mail, and my iPhone. Recently, I found 2Do, a handy app that, so far, seems to fit my needs quite well. [Read more on]

Peachpit Blog Post > iPhone Productivity App Picks: 1Password

02.23.10 - iPhone Productivity App Picks: 1Password.

One reason I love my iPhone is that it has significantly reduced the amount of "stuff" I have to carry with me wherever I go. Sadly, my iPhone can't replace my credit cards, ATM card, and driver's license. Well, not yet, anyway. However, with the help of 1Password, it can help to reduce the thickness of my wallet. [Read more at]

Peachpit Blog Post > iPhone Productivity App Picks: Grocery IQ

02.22.10 - iPhone Productivity App Picks: Grocery IQ.

Today’s pick is Grocery IQ, a shopping list app from Coupons Inc. It’s not just your run-of-the-mill shopping list, though. It’s a shopping assistant, and it has changed the way my wife and I shop for groceries. [Read more at]

Peachpit Blog Post > Automator Services: Preview Selected URL

12.11.09 - Automator Services: Preview Selected URL.

If you're a user of Mac OS X Mail, then you may know that you can use Quick Look to preview image attachments in a message. To do so, just select an image attachment in a message and press the spacebar, press Command+Y, or click Quick Look at the top of the message. For today's Automator Service workflow tip, we'll take this concept a bit further, by creating a way for you to quickly preview URLs in Mail messages, TextEdit documents, and more, without the need to open Safari. [Read more at]

Peachpit Blog Post > Automator Services: Merge Selected PDFs

12.10.09 - Automator Services: Merge Selected PDFs.

Today's Automator Service workflow tip involves something that I do fairly frequently, merging multiple PDF files together. Fortunately, with Automator Service workflows in Snow Leopard, this is now much easier for me than it used to be. [Read more at]

Peachpit Article > Automator for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard: Working with Actions

12.09.09 - Automator for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard: Working with Actions.

To do anything truly useful, you need to add actions to your workflow, and you need to configure those actions to do what you want. The techniques you learn in this chapter will apply to working with virtually any action within an Automator workflow. [Read more at]