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Macworld > Ask the Script Doctor: Solving Mail problems

I'm very happy to announce my new scripting column for Macworld, Ask the Script Doctor.  The first one focuses on answering reader questions about AppleScripting Mail.

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The Empire Strikes Back with Toys and an iPhone

Attention Fellow Geeks:

Bobby Sussman is recreating The Empire Strikes Back, one scene at a time, with action figures.  As of today, he's in Cloud City, and Han is frozen in carbonite.  All photos were shot using his iPhone.

So awesome.

[Check it out on his Facebook page or look for bobbysussman on Instagram]

Photo by Bobby Sussman.

AppleScript Easter Egg: Way too long, dude.

I've posted this before, but this one still cracks me up.  Create an AppleScript variable name with 252 characters or more, and you get this...


Save 35% on Peachpit Mac Automation Made Simple Videos

My 8 chapter Mac Automation Made Simple video series is 35% off through the end of the year if you use coupon code VIDEO12.

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MacTech Article > Understanding AppleScript Dictionaries

Over the years, I’ve written dozens of AppleScript articles for MacTech.  Check the archives, and you’ll find my introductory articles on scripting various applications, error protection, looping, branching logic, and much more.  One topic that has somehow eluded my column is AppleScript dictionaries.  Since dictionaries continue to be a source of confusion for many scripters (trust me, I receive questions about them all the time), I’d like to take this opportunity to try to clear the air.

[Read the full article in MacTech magazine's August 2012 issue, available in print and in the MacTech iPad Newsstand app]

Save $300 on the MacTech Conference 2012

 Planning to go to the MacTech Conference and listen to my talk on AppleScript servers?  If you haven't registered yet, you can save $300 until October 8th.  Here are the conference details...

MacTech Conference for Apple Developers, Enterprise, IT Pros and consultants is October 17-19, 2012 in Los Angeles.  The event: a three-day, information-packed event that will have sessions and activities throughout the day and evening. This immersive conference is hotel-based, giving attendees the opportunity to not only learn from the best, but also to meet new people and spend time with their peers as well. Details about the conference is at .
From Earlier Announcements:
• World-class sessions by world-class talent.
• NASA Jet Propulsion Lab's Special Session on "Interplanetary Networking, Curiosity Style."
• Matt Drance, former Apple evangelist and voice behind Apple Outsider, Keynote on Tech's Role in Shaping the Future
• Speakers from half dozen countries.  See full line up at
Other important details:
• Pre-registration pricing (save $300) ends October 8th.
• MacTech's hotel guest room block has already out-paced last year and sold out once, but more rooms have just been added.
• Meals and Activities included.
NEW: Evening Activities and Entertainment Announced
• On the first evening, MacTech Conference attendees will be guests at nearby Walt Disney Animation Studios. Not only will they get a behind-the-scenes look at the Animation Studios and talk with Disney technologists and artists, but also have a rare look at how Walt Disney Animation Studios uses advanced technology to create their animated films.
• On the second evening, MacTech's party tradition continues with a walk down Universal's CityWalk to Jillian's where attendees can enjoy all that Jillian's has to offer (bowling, Guitar Hero room, air hockey, video games, arcade, billiards and more). Or, for true entertainment, attendees can try their hand at the now famous Karaoke at the party.
• As part of the entertainment flavor of MacTech Conference 2012, Profiles in History: Treasures from the Vaults will have a variety of Hollywood treasures on display the first day of the event, during registration and throughout the day.

NEW: MacTech Conference 2012: Special Post-Event Sessions Added

• Code 42 Special Presentation: Protecting Enterprise Information in a Mobile World.
• Cryptic Apps Special Presentation: Using Hopper Dedicated Disassembler for Mac and iOS.

• Apple Certifications Exams proctored by v.2