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X-Ray Magazine Scripting Quark Article > Automating PDF Creation with AppleScript

Vol. 4, Num. 4 - Automating PDF Creation with AppleScript.

I am sure that QuarkXPress users can attest to the fact that there are many time-consuming and repetitive tasks that take place in any desktop-publishing workflow. I have been developing custom AppleScripts to automate just these types of tasks for my clients for years. In the many desktop- publishing automation scripts that I have developed, similarities can’t help but be noticed, even in the most obscure workflows. In QuarkXPress-based workflows, one task that stands-out as a very commonly automated task is the process of using AppleScript to convert QuarkXPress documents to PDF. [Read more at X-Ray Magazine online...]

Press Release > Mactech Magazine Applescript Article Announced – 4/17/06

Current Issue of MacTech Magazine Features Article Written by Ben Waldie, President of Automated Workflows, LLC

Phoenixville, Pennsylvania - April 17th, 2006 - This month's MacTech Magazine, the April 2006 issue, features an article that provides an introduction to AppleScripting FileMaker Pro. This article was written by AppleScript Essentials columnist, Ben Waldie, president of Automated Workflows, LLC.
AppleScript is a scripting language, built into Mac OS X, which allows users to write scripts in order to automate time consuming and repetitive tasks.
Ben Waldie is president and CEO of Automated Workflows, LLC, a firm specializing in AppleScript and workflow automation consulting. For years, Ben has developed professional AppleScript-based solutions for businesses across the globe, including Adobe Systems, Apple Computer, NASA, and TV Guide Magazine.
For additional information, visit Automated Workflows, LLC's website.

Press Contact:

Ben Waldie
Automated Workflows, LLC
116 Cold Stream Road
Phoenixville, PA 19460

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MacTech AppleScript Essentials Column > Introduction to Scripting FileMaker Pro

April, 2006 - Introduction to Scripting FileMaker Pro.

For the past couple of columns, we have discussed various ways to store and access data using AppleScript. One column provided an introduction to Database Events, a background application in Mac OS X 10.4 and higher, which allows AppleScripts to interact directly with SQLite databases for the purposes of storing and accessing data. Another column explored methods of storing and accessing data in script properties and property list files. This month, we are going to continue discussing data storage and access, this time, using FileMaker Pro, a third-party commercial database application. [Read more at]